The Developer

ATENOR is a real estate development company listed on Euronext Brussels.

Its mission is to provide suitable answers to new challenges created by transformations in urban and professional life. Thanks to its capacity to capture the evolution of urban changes, ATENOR proposes residential, offices or large mix real estate projects which meet very strict criteria in terms of location, mixed use, diversification, technical quality, economic efficiency, and sustainable development, while taking into account the specificities and major assets of each city where we are present.

Its portfolio is currently distributed between offices, residential and mixed-use projects, adding up to 1,270,000 m2  in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Romania integrating brilliant architecture designs into the urban environment.

Its goal goes beyond simply creating office space for rent. It is to enrich the urban landscape with word-class, sustainable buildings.

Váci Greens is ATENOR’s first Hungarian development, and one of the largest office developments in Hungary.

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The Concept

Váci Greens is a large scale campus style development with over 130,000 sq m of exclusive “A+” class offices within an extensive green working environment.

The scheme consists of six buildings, built in two Phases (Phase I – Building A, B, C & D and Phase II – Buildings E & F).

Located in the heart of one of Budapest’s most famous business districts, Váci Greens is definitely the office solution to local or international companies willing to minimize their costs while offering their employees a comfortable, sustainable and friendly working environment.

Easily accessible by any kind of transportation, this office complex provides for its tenants with all the benefits that they would expect at work.

Váci Greens has been designed to combine the best architectural design with latest construction techniques and technological building systems. These results reduced operational costs. In addition to cost benefits these design considerations ultimately reduce the environmental impact of the project which is reflected by the BREEAM Excellent certification.

The Project

The Phase I of Váci Greens, which comprises three “A+” category office buildings and extends to nearly 65,000 sq m has been the success story of the Budapest office market over the last seven years. Using the most permanent technologies and designs, ATENOR has developed all buildings, complete with BREEAM Excellent sustainability ratings.

The first four buildings (A, B, C & D) are 100% leased to international tenants which include GE, Sykes, Enterprise Communications, SUEZ, Storck, BNP Paribas Real Estate, ITSH, Givaudan, Accenture, Unilever, AON, ATOS, FORD.

Váci Greens success is down to the thoughtful design and superior technologies that were built into the scheme. Each occupier saw the huge benefits from being located in a campus style office location. The efficiencies of the buildings floor plates, the huge array of amenities on-site, as well as the long-term benefits from being located in a best in class and top rated sustainable building. In today’s competitive labor market, occupiers recognize the need to retain and recruit staff, and Váci Greens is the perfect destination to respond to this critical challenge.

ATENOR handed over the last two buildings (E & F) of Váci Greens in 2020– which will comprise two further “A+” class office buildings, and extend to a further circa 50,000 sq m office space.

ATENOR continues to use the latest construction techniques and technological building systems which will result in reduced operational costs and a continued improvement on minimizing the environmental impact of the project.

Phase II will provide efficient floor plates with numerous opportunities for subdividing individual floors for multiple occupation. When compared to other locations, this will lead to reductions in the area required to accommodate tenants’ requirements as well as lower occupational costs.

In addition to the BREEAM Excellent certifications, full attention has been paid to fully meet all the requirements of Access4You, which focuses on accessibility.


Great Location

  • Váci Greens In House Services

    Restaurants in each building:

    • A: Gastro Greens Canteen
    • D: Buddha Original, Salad Box
    • E: Bosporus
    • F: Future Restaurants

    Cafés in each building:

    • A: Molinari Café, C: Frei Café
    • D: Costa Coffee
    • E: Bite Bakery
    • F: Light Roast Coffee

    Budapest Bank (in Building A)

    Mod & Co Beauty Salon (in Building A)

    Yatas Bedding Studio (in Building A)

    Affidea-Főnix Medical Centre (in Building B)

    Unilever Shop (in Building D)

    Titem Men Suit Store (in Bulding D)

    Főtáv (in Building D)

    Kaiser Optics (in Building D)

    Rossmann (in Building E)

    Manna ABC (in Building E)

    NN (in Building E)

    F45 Futura Gym (in Building F)


    Internal piazza among the buildings

    Nice exclusively used terraces on office floors

    24 hour reception service

    Bicycle storages and shower- changing room facility (in each of the buildings)

    Leasable parking lots in the underground garages

    Leasable storages in the underground garages

  • Duna Plaza

    Arena Fitness Center

    Alma Gyógyszertár

    Exclusive Change

    Herbária Utazási Iroda

    Neckermann Utazási Iroda

    Agentura Adventure Utazási és Jegyiroda

    MOL Benzinkút

    Media Markt

    Mister Minit

    Mezcon Autómosó

    Magyar Posta







    Thai Masszázs Centrum

    Unicredit Bank

    MKB Bank




    Cinema City

    IBeauty Szépségszalon


  • Duna Plaza Food Court

    A Tepertős- Magyar Kézműves Delikát

    Burger House

    Costa Café

    Daily Grill

    Jilba Frozen Jogurt


    Mc Donalds

    Rasa Kebab

    Pek-Snack Látványpékség

    Piccolo Mondo Étterem és Kávézó

    Pizza Forte

    Pizza Hut

    Street Food Pont Take Away

    Salad Box

    Ázsia Lótusz

  • Tesco Hipermarket
  • Center Gastro Restaurant
  • Marina Café
  • Melba Boat Harbour and Restaurant
  • Gastro Center
  • Babérlevél Restaurant
  • Kisbabér Restaurant
  • Manetti Café
  • Mc Donalds
  • Tamp & Pull Espresso Bar
  • Corner Restaurant
  • Reno Grill Restaurant
  • Mensa Trattoria
  • KFC
  • Marina Gold Fitness & Gym 1138
  • Hajós Alfréd Nemzeti Sportuszoda
  • Dagály Fürdő
  • Palatinus
  • Oxygen Wellness
  • Gym City
  • Gym City Office
  • Hot Yoga
  • Angyalföld Sport Centre
  • Center Fitness
  • Danubius Hotel Helia Budapest
  • Fortuna Szálloda és Étteremhajó
  • Park Inn By Radisson Budapest
  • Ibis Budapest Váci út
  • Danubius Health spa Resort Margitsziget
  • Marina Part Luxury Apartments
  • OMV
  • Wiking Yacht Club
  • Reno Udvar Public Parking
  • Public Surface Parking
  • AXA Bank
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Erste Bank
  • Danubius Patika
  • Igazgyöngy Bölcsőde
  • Napraforgó Bölcsőde
  • Szivárvány Bölcsőde
  • Ugribugri Bölcsőde
  • XIII. Kerületi Önkormányzat Egyesített Óvoda
  • Gyöngyösi Tagóvoda
  • Gyöngyszem Tagóvoda
  • Hétszín Tagóvoda
  • Madarász Viktor Tagóvoda
  • Vízafogó Tagóvoda
  • Hegedüs Géza Általános Iskola
  • Vizafogó Általános Iskola
  • XIII. Kerületi Számítástechnikai Általános Iskola
  • Forrai Művészeti Szakközépiskola és Gimnázium
  • Gutenberg János Könyvkereskedelmi Szakközépiskola
  • Károlyi Mihály Két Tanítási Nyelvű Közgazdasági Szakgimnázium
  • Katona József Szakgimnázium
  • Marina Part Dentist
  • Heim Pál Gyermekkórház
  • József Attila színház
  • Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad

Leasable Offices

Building A
15789 m2
0 m2
Building B
24769 m2
0 m2
Building C
18405 m2
0 m2
Building D
15647 m2
0 m2
Building E ground floor
1923 m2
700 m2
Building E 1st floor
2071 m2
2071 m2
Building E 2nd floor
3690 m2
3690 m2
Building E 3rd floor
3700 m2
3700 m2
Building E 4th floor
3717 m2
3717 m2
Building E 5th floor
3725 m2
0 m2
Building E 6th floor
3736 m2
0 m2
Building E 7th floor
884 m2
884 m2
Building F ground floor
2173 m2
1636 m2
Building F 1st floor
2671 m2
2671 m2
Building F 2nd floor
3789 m2
1322 m2
Building F 3rd floor
3797 m2
0 m2
Building F 4th floor
3774 m2
0 m2
Building F 5th floor
3773 m2
859 m2
Building F 6th floor
3832 m2
0 m2
Building F 7th floor
1243 m2
374 m2
1913 parking lot
339 parking lot
123108 m2
21624 m2
1913 parking lot
339 parking lot

The Exclusive Benefits


  • Lower Service Charge & operational costs compared to market

  • Less space acquired due to efficient floorplates

  • Denser configurations possible due to superior technical capabilities

  • Healthier working environment for staff (no 'sick building' syndrome)


  • Intelligent BMS for outstanding cost efficiency

  • Openable windows controlled by the BMS system

  • Suspended ceiling

  • Full access raised floor, 12 cm

  • Chilled beam cooling system controlled by the BMS

  • Liquid chiller

  • District heating (no local pollution), heat pump, heat recovery system

  • 50 m3/h/person cleaned fresh air supply

  • High quality thermal and acoustic insulation

  • BMS controlled dimmable office lighting

  • Geothermic energy use

  • Double connection network

  • Diesel Generator for tenants

  • Lighting controlled by presence sensor


The development of Váci Greens aims at attaining a highly environmentally aware construction and operational certification, which is unique in Hungary. The cost efficient Váci Greens buildings have been awarded BREEAM “Excellent” environmental certifications, they were the firsts to receive it in Hungary.



  • District heating (energy savings and no local pollution)

  • Use of ground source heat pumps

  • Low water consumption sanitary units

  • Heat recovery system

  • Optimized building management system

  • Architecturally optimized use of natural light

  • Low energy lighting system

  • Spare capacity within the cooling and ventilation systems

  • Grey water recycling

  • Collecting, storing and using rainwater (e.g. for irrigation)

  • Selective waste collection and disposal

  • High quality thermal and acoustic insulation



Váci Greens has won numerous awards in various international and domestic real estate competitions. In 2020, Buildings A, B, C and D of Váci Greens won a Silver Award in Office category at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards.

Founded in 1951 and operating in more than 60 countries, the Paris-based FIABCI holds the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence every year to select and recognize the most successful real estate developments ( Launched 28 years ago, the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence is the world’s most prestigious real estate development competition.

You can view our awards by clicking the More button.




  • 8th July 2021.
    Acting for sustainable cities: ATENOR continues its tree planting program in Budapest
    The urban Belgian real estate developer ATENOR will plant 2021 trees this year as part of its societal responsibility policy, continuing last year's cooperation with Pilis Park Forestry Company. The 2020 seedlings planted last year are grown in a forest on the border of Budakeszi and District XII, thus contributing to increasing the lifespan of the forest and building a more sustainable future. The symbolic tree, reminiscent of this year's tree planting, was planted by ATENOR's Hungarian team in Nagyrét, Hűvösvölgy, at the beginning of June.
  • 2nd June 2021.
    International tenant signs lease in Váci Greens E
    ChemAxon has signed a new lease for approximately 3,050 sq m of office space in one of the latest additions to the Váci Greens office complex, Building ’E’. With the arrival of the industry leader in software solutions and services for chemistry and biology, the building’s occupancy surpasses 54%
  • 24th May 2021.
    TV appearance - Lakásvásár 26.
    Máté Galambos, Leasing Manager of Atenor Hungary, is on the programme called Lakásvásár on Hatos csatorna


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