The success story of ATENOR in Hungary

ATENOR is a nearly 100-year-old company listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels and has been active in the real estate development sector for 30 years. During this time, it has implemented a number of outstanding developments in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom.


ATENOR's portfolio currently consists of 33 high-quality, modern leasable office, residential and mixed-use projects. This means a total of 1,300,000 m2 of built-in and under construction areas, where we always work alongside outstanding architectural designs. Our goal is not only to create leasable office space and homes for sale, but also to enrich the urban landscape with world-class, sustainable buildings that fit organically into the urban fabric.


From the beginning, ATENOR considers it its task to take responsibility for the environment and therefore only creates sustainable buildings that are BREEAM “Excellent”. In 2007, ATENOR became the first in Hungary to develop a green office building and one of its most important missions is to develop sustainable, more livable cities, to which it contributes by minimizing local pollution and using technologies that prove effective in combating climate change.


ATENOR's development portfolio in Hungary now exceeds 350,000 m2, which includes four office development projects and one residential project:


The six-building Váci Greens is ATENOR's first Hungarian development and flagship project, as well as one of the largest and most successful office developments in Hungary with its 123,000 m2 of "A +" category office space. The office park was the first to receive the BREEAM “Excellent” rating in 2011, which all its buildings have since received. Furthermore, ATENOR is the first developer to announce in the summer of 2019 that it will design its buildings according to criteria tailored to people with special needs created by Access4you, so the last two buildings of Váci Greens (E and F) have already been built based on these. The 25,052 m2 Building F of Váci Greens was handed over in May 2020 and the 23,445 m2 Building E in September 2020, thus completing one of the most significant and successful mega-projects in Budapest in the last 8 years. Since the handover of the two newest buildings, E and F last year, it has enjoyed 70% and 76% occupancy respectively, so the office park has been leased almost 100% to renowned international and domestic tenants. In addition to the outstanding occupancy rate, all the buildings in the development were sold.


Following the success story of Váci Greens, ATENOR launched the 72,000 m2, “A +” category, environmentally conscious mega-project of Aréna Business Campus on Hungária Boulevard in the spring of 2018, further strengthening its presence in Hungary and its leading position as a campus specialist. Each building in the four-building office park will offer large, contiguous and efficient office space and will bring renewal to the life of the neighborhood with a huge community park between the buildings. The first building of the project, Building A, was handed over in May 2020, which, like the buildings of Váci Greens, has also obtained BREEAM “Excellent” and Access4You Gold certifications. The second, Building B, will be handed over in the third quarter of 2022.


RoseVille is a premium “A +” category office building with 15,000 m2 of leasable, exclusive office space in Óbuda, next to Rózsadomb. The primary aspect of the development, aiming at obtaining green and accessibility certifications, is to create a people-centred and at the same time modern workplace that fits organically into the historical image of the settlement and serves as a modern jewellery box for the needs and development of companies moving here. It will be handed over in the third quarter of 2022.


BakerStreet – ATENOR's latest campus development –, the "A +" category office project will be implemented in two phases in the heart of South Buda, with environmentally conscious solutions, high- quality materials and outstanding architectural technology. The planned handover of the 16,500 m2 Phase I is expected in the first quarter of 2023, the design stage of the 25,000 m2 Phase II will be completed soon.


LAKE11 Home&Park, ATENOR's latest and one of its most impressive projects, with which it entered the residential real estate market in Hungary, started in 2021. The eco-friendly and high-quality residential park investment is located in South Buda, in District XI, in one of the most popular residential areas of Budapest, in an 8-hectare green area. In the multi-phase development, in addition to ‘terraced houses’, ‘lake houses’ and ‘park houses’, parks and other public spaces with promenades and sports facilities will also be created. A total of 950 high-quality homes in a green belt area, including studios and multi-bedroom, penthouse and duplex apartments await their prospective residents. In collaboration with four renowned architectural firms, by implementing LAKE11 ATENOR aims to set a new benchmark for viability in the newly built residential real estate market in Hungary.



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