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Váci Greens is constructed to remain sustainable at all levels.
Special attention has been paid to ensure development and the buildings themselves are eco-friendly every step of the way. Building A was the first to receive the Excellent mark per the BREEAM Code for Sustainable Buildings.
  • Environmentally friendly techniques during development.
  • Appropriate construction materials
  • Special attention to demolition and pit formation waste.
  • Recycled water used for maintaining the green areas as well as toilets and other purposes.
  • Great insulation to prevent heat loss.
  • 85% of the carpet floors made out of recycled materials.
  • Demand controlled ventilation in meeting rooms.
  • low-energy consuming appliances throughout the infrastructure
  • accessibility by public transportation

Please see the Technical Specification List for a more expansive list.


Technical Specification List

Here are just some ways in which Váci Greens strives to be environmentally responsible.

  • High efficiency heat recovery in the ventilation systems.
  • Free cooling operation to reduce chiller operation time.
  • Perimeterfloor convectors for basic heating.
  • Radiant surfaces run on low temperatures while consuming less energy.
  • Water-saving fittings and toilets.
  • Leak detection for the water network.
  • Rain water used for irrigation.
  • Chilled beams eliminate condensate, saving installation and operation costs.
  • Recyclable materials used everywhere where applicable.

These and numerous other features introduced to save light, heat, and water make Váci Greens the most environmentally friendly office space in Budapest available for rent.