The occupancy rate at Váci Greens’ Building B climbed to 90%

An international service provider will rent a 5200 square meters large office space in building “B” at the Váci Greens office park. With the arrival of the new tenant in July, the occupancy rate of the building will be around 90%. The new large tenant of Váci Greens will move to the Váci office corridor from the city centre.


“We are proud that a market leader company will trade its offices from the Central Business District to Váci Greens. It demonstrates well that the Váci Corridor provides an excellent office environment” – said Nikolett Püschl, Leasing Manager at Atenor. “The range of tenants at Váci Greens is expanding constantly, and with the end of the currently ongoing negotiations it will become even more diverse and colourful. We anticipate that Building “B” shall reach a 100% occupancy rate in the second half of 2017. Building “D” of Váci Greens, which is under construction at present, is also quite popular on the market, and it is also expected to start its operation at the end of this year with a near 100% occupancy rate” explained Nikolett Püschl.