International tenant signs lease in Váci Greens E

ChemAxon has signed a new lease for approximately 3,050 sq m of office space in one of the latest additions to the Váci Greens office complex, Building ’E’. With the arrival of the industry leader in software solutions and services for chemistry and biology, the building’s occupancy surpasses 54%.


‘We are very pleased that once again an extremely significant global company has chosen the Váci Greens office development as its new headquarters. The company's decision reaffirms us that our perseverance and commitment to sustainability and quality is not in vain. Buildings ‘E’ and ‘F’, which were handed over in 2020 and offer a total of 50,000 m2 of the nearly 130,000 m2 buildings in Váci Greens, are of great interest, which is highly encouraging. Tenant activity on the office market is on the rise again, which is also justified by the decision of ChemAxon to move from Óbuda to the office corridor on Váci Road’, said Zoltán Borbély, Country Director at ATENOR Hungary.


‘At ChemAxon we are looking forward to the upcoming office move with enthusiasm, which is both fueled by the needs of our growing company and our eco-friendly company culture. We are pleased that the office building in Váci Greens can reduce ChemAxon’s environmental footprint by utilising the most up-to-date solutions and that easily accessible public transport will encourage our colleagues to choose a greener option instead of cars for their commute to work’, explains the tenant.


Developed by ATENOR, the environmentally conscious Váci Greens mega-project offers exclusive and ergonomic offices on nearly 130,000 square meters. The office park consists of six buildings, surounding a huge inner garden and a pedestrian promenade, so-called ‘piazza’, creating a unique and inspiring environment. The office complex is home to many market-leading companies in tune with the needs of today’s tenants as well as future generations.


ATENOR, the developer of the project, were represented by Cushman & Wakefield during the transaction.



ATENOR is an urban real estate development company with European expertise listed on the Euronext Brussels market. Through our urban planning and architectural approach, we aim to provide appropriate responses to the changing demands in urban and professional life. Within this framework, ATENOR invests in large scale property projects meeting strict criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment.


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