• 12th September 2017.
    Atenor welcomes new prestigious tenants in Budapest
    The VACI GREENS office campus developed by ATENOR in Budapest along the Boulevard Váci út continues to attract prestigious companies as the location for their activities
  • 1st September 2017.
    Atenor launches another grandiose office development project in Budapest
    The developer of Váci Greens, one of the largest office complexes of the capital, the Belgian Atenor launches another project at Budapest. The real estate developer listed on Euronext Brussels purchased the 19.000 square metres plot under 30. Hungária boulevard. Atenor will construct an “A+” category office complex delivering environment-conscious solutions and an outstanding quality, and will offer about 85.000 m2 office space.
  • 4th April 2017.
    Atenor sold all three buildings of Váci Greens in the first quarter
    Atenor announced the sales of the third, “B” building of the Váci Greens
  • 29th March 2017.
    The occupancy rate at Váci Greens’ Building B climbed to 90%
    An international service provider will rent a 5200 square meters large office space in building “B” at the Váci Greens office park.
  • 15th March 2017.
    TV. megjelenés - Tények
  • 14th March 2017.
    Magyar ingatlanfejlesztések a világ fókuszában
    Tudósítás a MIPIM-ről, Cannes-ból
  • 2nd February 2017.
    Atenor sold Váci Greens Building “A” in Budapest to a Hungarian investment company
    The international real estate development company Atenor has announced the sale of Váci Greens Building “A” to a Hungarian investment company.
  • 12th December 2016.
    Az Atenor eladta a budapesti Váci Greens „C” épületét a ZFP Investments-nek
    A belga ingatlanfejlesztő cég, az Atenor ma bejelentette, hogy értékesítette a Váci Greens irodapark „C” Épületét a cseh befekte