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The Benefits
There are dozens of benefits of chosing Váci Greens for a working environment.
It provides a comfortable and sustainable working environment and complies to all new efficiency norms.
  • Minimum occupancy costs
  • Low service charges
  • Outstanding technical specifications
  • Light and ergonomic workstations
  • Efficient large floor plates
  • Sustainable at all levels (BREEAM Excellent)
  • Underground parking (hosting over 1,100 cars & 580 bicycle parking lots)
  • Excellent location & architecture
  • Hundreds of surrounding amenities.

Low Energy Costs

An advanced Building Management System (BMS) monitors and controls each building's energy output. The BMS ensures that all electrical and mechanical systems run at optimal capacity. Diesel generators provide a dual power feed, eliminating the possibility of extended power shortages.

Floors are designed in such a way that each workstation is naturally well-lit during the day. Frequency driven light fixtures minimize the use of halogen lights, superior thermal insulation prevents unnecessary heat loss, and low-energy appliances and water recycling for lavatories and maintance needs help to even further reduce consumption levels.

For more information about how Váci Greens successfully saves energy, please see the Sustainability page of our website.